Travel – Train through Macedonia & Serbia Part 1









We were struggling to get (cheaply) from Istanbul into Croatia so ended up taking 1 overnight bus and 2 trains. Bus from Istanbul to Thessaloniki (which was pretty horrible the riots were on and we got dumped by the bus in some random street outside a sex shop at 2am in the morning). Tried to get out of there asap so ended up getting a train through Macedonia changed in Belgrade, Serbia and eventually got into Ljubljana, Slovenia (which was beautiful) picked up our rental car and drove into and around Croatia for 2 weeks.*sigh (I was also sick with mild gastro and the toilet on the trains when you flushed you could see the train tracks underneath but hey I managed to shed any of that holiday weight I put on). It was an effort but very much worth it. We didn’t realise but apparently it can be hard to get into Croatia from the South-East but pretty trouble free from the West. Next time then!


Gold Beetle on film

beetle © kasi metcalfe

beetle © kasi metcalfe

beetle © kasi metcalfe

Pretty little bug I found in the Northern Territory. Taken on my 30 year old Nikon FM2 on transparency shot with a 105mm Maco (unfortunately pretty bad scans though, when I get the time I’ll re-scan… one day…)

Spring/Summer 2008 for NEW KID shoes

From a while ago now… Shot in Noosa, QLD early one morning for New Kid. We were the only ones up before dawn, just us, some balloons and a naked jogger…





Travel – Fireworks in Firenze

Dug these out from a few years ago now – 2010 in Florence for the San Giovanni festival… It went for so long I got a bit bored so was experimenting with the light trails and zoom/focus (I also was lazy and didn’t take my tripod)… Soooo Happy New years!! Here’s to more experimenting this year!





Tuscan Spring

Thunderstorms and poppies…














Erskine Falls – Lorne – Victoria

Travel – Cyprus







I was recently in Cyprus for a family holiday slash fashion shoot and was amazed how similar the place was to my hometown of Darwin, Australia. I can see why there are so many Cypriots living there now which I always loved because they brought their delicious food with them. I thought Cyprus was a bit of a strange place, it was far more pretty up in the hills towards the Turkish boarder where there were less “Brits on holiday” and more vipers in the grass…

The one thing that really upset me was the amount of rubbish on the beaches, Cyprus must be in the current where all the plastic detritus washes ashore. Some more remote beaches were awash with tiny bits of useless plastic and the bigger bits covered with barnacles so obviously has been out at sea for a while, all piled up thick on the high tide mark, it was all a bit depressing really the amount of rubbish that must still be out there is so huge. Drifting about getting eaten by animals, killing them slowly from the inside. It was just a grim reminder of Chris Jordan’s horrific series Midway about the deaths of baby albatrosses from eating this trash feed to them by their parents.

Travel – tip of the photographic iceberg – Iceland