New web page!

Finally got off my butt and put up a web page after sifting through thousands of photos…

There’s still more to go up but it’s a start at least! Also got a Facey page up and running if you’re feeling stalkerish….

Lightning GIF experiment

lightning2009-2 © kasi metcalfe

Found this sequence of photos today buried in my archives, a bunch of long exposures that didn’t really turn out very well (a bit lacking in drama). I’m going to have to go back to the NT so I can do it properly next time there’s a storm around…

Travel- Cyprus Part 2

New Kid Shoes SS14 – cyprus













For New Kid Shoes, shot in Cyprus for the Spring/Summer 2014 range that can be found here… New Kid Made in Italy

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winter in Melbourne at 4am on expired film

Dubrovnik experiment

Dubrovnik experiment

I noticed I took the same photo a couple of metres apart so thought this would work. Might have to do some more experimenting because I like the way it’s turned out (motion sickness aside)…

Fashion – the start of the summer edits for New Kid summer ’14

BW_DSC2143© kasi metcalfe

BW_DSC21922© kasi metcalfe

BW_DSC2135© kasi metcalfe

BW_DSC2227© kasi metcalfe

BW_DSC2167© kasi metcalfe

BW_DSC2213© kasi metcalfe

BW_DSC2194© kasi metcalfe

Some of the photos (the start of my edits) from the New Kid Shoes summer ’14 shoot in May 2013 in Cyprus… Lots more to come but here’s what was actually used for their summer 14 lookbook after a lot of deliberation (the final cut had 350 photos in it)…


Travel – driving through the French/Spanish Pyreneese Part 2